The Fresh Foundation is a non-profit organization servicing the Southern Nevada, Clark County area. We are geared to assisting Student-Athletes (6-18) throughout their academic experience with back to school drives, shoe drives, 3.0 Impact Program, and scholarship awards for higher education. Teaching them how to become and sustain themselves as economically self-sufficient citizens, well rounded community leaders and business owners as well as future mentors.

The Fresh Foundation is committed to giving back to our city's youth. We know there are many deserving youth lacking the means and support (financial/emotional) to achieve their desired goals; we aim to help them by offering support via mentors, scholarships as well as needed personal items.

We are seeking sponsors, mentors, and donations from those who are just as committed to see our children leading productive lives. We would like to extend an invitation to you to learn more about the foundation and the work we do. On Our website you will find details for programs which are already making waves in the city, our mission and vision statement, goals for the academic school year, and the biography for the foundations President.

We appreciate you taking time to review and consider the enclosed information. We welcome all forms of sponsorship; monetary, mentoring or volunteers.




Calvin Tito Hudson Jr.
Fresh Foundation

"The Freshness Starts Within"