Our Vision

To assist purpose driven Student-Athletes with reaching their educational goals for life time success through self-discipline, a healthy mind, and elevation of self-esteem.

Our Goals

To empower and promote Student-Athletes to become self, family, and community committed individuals who bring 'Fresh' ideas to the business and sports industry.

Our Beliefs

Investing in Student-Athletes in our community create the Leaders of the Future


Calvin 'Tito' Hudson, a native of Louisiana, has been giving back to the Las Vegas community for the past twenty (20) years. Starting with his barbershop (Classic Cuts), the foundation is based on the principles Tito learned as a child: self-esteem, communication, education, leadership, goal setting, and community service. Making its way to official status, the Fresh Foundation is created to promote youth to a better life.

“Supporting Is The Key To Endless Possibilities”